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Northern Virginia Market Update through June 2010

Everybody is trying to figure out what the real estate market is doing right now and having a hard time.  Looking at sales numbers is like looking at the home run numbers of your favorite baseball slugger earlier in the decade and trying to figure out if he would have deserved making it into the […]

Seth Godin on How to Buy a House

Good advice:  on Seth Godin’s blog on how to think about buying a house. If you found this post interesting or informational, you can subscribe to future posts by RSS or Email. Written by Jeff Royce of Frankly Real Estate, Inc. Fairfax, VA,  703-585-5663 Related Posts:No Related Posts

Northern Virginia Market Update through February 2010

The Northern Virginia Real Estate market continues to move at a brisk pace.  We are seeing about 4 months worth of housing supply on the market.  That being said, most houses are selling much quicker than that statistic would imply.  For houses that actually closed in February, 52% were on the market for less than […]

Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update through October 2009

The Northern Virginia Real Estate Market continues to clip along at about a pace that would sell all the houses on the market in 3.5 months.  This is the type of market where prices would be expected to rise, and indeed have been rising.  In the spreadsheets below, you can see that in most jurisdictions, […]

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Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update through August 2009

The real estate market cooled slightly in August from July.  This is typical of what happens each year as fall approaches.  In August, buyers had a little easier time finding a house that earlier in the summer.  Nonetheless, houses are moved a lot quicker this August than the previous three Augusts. We continue to see […]

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Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update though June 2009

June Real Estate sales in Northern Virginia were more of the same from the previous three months.  We had a short supply of houses for sale, rising prices, and bidding wars all over.  There was a particular lack of foreclosures on the market compared to previous months. In most parts of Northern Virginia, there remained […]

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