How to Connect with us to buy or sell a House

When you are interested in buying or selling a house, we’d love to connect with you. Here is how you can do that, and what to expect when you do.

Home Buyers:

Coffee Shop Meeting: 

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We often have an initial meeting with potential clients in a coffee shop that is near the area they want find a house. We spend

30-45 minutes talking over a cup of coffee (or tea if you meet with Tiffany :-)). We talk about what to expect in the home-buying process, going through a little notebook we’ve made up that shows what services you can expect from us and important things like what money you will need at different stages of the process, and how long things take. We also spend a lot of time asking you questions about what you are trying to accomplish in buying a home. We want to know both what type of home you want to live in, and how we can help make the home purchase meet longer-term goals in your life. This is important, because our job is not just to find you a house, but to help you find the right house at the right price and terms to meet your goals.

Video Conference: We can also do this same type of meeting over a video conference. We have the same goals for the meeting, but can’t buy you a cup of coffee. We can meet later to look at houses, or work with you if you are trying to buy a house before you physically move to the area.

Start by Seeing houses: While we would love to sit down and talk, we realize there are some people who know just what they want, who have been looking at listings and houses on their own for months, and just want to go see a house they are interested in. We are happy to meet you to see houses. While you are looking, we’ll be asking you questions to see how we can help you meet your goals.

Home Sellers:

If you are selling your home we like to meet you at your house so you can show us your house.  These meetings typically last about an hour.  We first ask you to give us a tour of your house, then sit down with you and explain the process of selling your house.  We discuss what you need to do to prepare for your sale, what to expect when your house is on the market, and what we plan to do to get the house sold.  We will ask you specific questions about the timing you are hoping for in the sale and tailor our advice to your goals.

To set up one these appointments you can email me at or call  703-585-5663.


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Written by Jeff Royce of Frankly Real Estate, Inc. Fairfax, VA,  703-585-5663

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