An Investment Idea: The Coming Silver Line Metro

Metro at Tysons Corner

Metro being built at Tysons Corner by wfyurasko on Flickr

If you are looking to invest in Northern Virginia Real Estate, where should you invest?  You should find a place that will rise faster in price than the market as a whole.  This normally means you need to find a place where some good news is going to hit, that is not already priced into the market.  Some say you should buy a house when you see a new Starbucks open in the area.  I like areas in the western part of Fairfax County that are within walking distance of the planned Silver Line Metro stops.  Phase I of the the Silver Line is all but built and will open late in 2013.  Phase II of the Silver Line is expected to open in 2016.  Phase I is more of a sure bet so people buying homes for themselves that need a Metro are already buying around  these stations.

Because prices of houses next to Metro stations are higher than comparable houses not near a station, houses near Phase I stops already have much of that benefit (but maybe not all) priced into them.  That is much less true of houses around Phase II stops.  If somebody is moving to the area and needs to use the Metro, they are not going to be able to live in a house for 4 years without it.   For an investor, those are four years where the value of the investment will be climbing faster than the market as a whole.

Below are some links to help you identify houses that are within one mile of Silver Line Metro stops.  I’ve divided them into Phase I and Phase II stops.  Note that Phase I stops are under construction right now and Phase II stops are expected to be built.  It seems like a sure thing at this point, but it is not as sure as something already under construction.  The links below are to current houses for sale within one mile (as a crow flies) of each of the metro stops.  These are geographic searches that do not rely on listing agents putting information in the listing about being near a metro.  The links automatically update themselves each day, but sometimes will break.  If you see a broken link, please email me at jeff@ourfairfax.com so I can correct it.

House for Sale Near Silver Line Phase I Stops (opening in 2014):

Tysons East Metro
Tysons Central 123 Metro
Tysons Central 7 Metro
Tysons West Metro
Wiehle Avenue Metro

House for Sale Near Silver Line Phase II Stops (these are expected to open in 2018):

Reston Parkway Metro
Herndon-Monroe Metro
Route 28 Metro
Dulles Airport Metro (no link here. There is no housing within 1 mile of this stop.  It’s all airport land.)
Route 606 Metro(linked, but may be empty.  There is very little housing within 1 mile of this stop.  This is retail/office/farm land.)
Route 772 Metro

If you are interested in locating housing near existing metro stops in Virginia, check out my older post with similar links to all existing metro stops.

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Written by Jeff Royce, an Associate Broker with Frankly Real Estate, Inc. in Fairfax, VA,  703-585-5663.  He can be found on Twitter and .

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