A Very Useful Mobile App from Realtor.com

Are you looking for a good home search tool to take on the road with you? Everybody likes to drive around neighborhoods to get a feel for what’s on the market when they are looking for a new home. The new app from Realtor.com is the perfect tool to take with you on those drives. It gives you up to date information about homes for sale and what has recently sold so you can get an idea of the fair price of those houses you are driving in front of. Three features stand out on this app:

1. SCOUT: Scout changes the screen on your device as you drive, constantly updating both your location and the house search based on your location. You can always see the houses for sale around you within a given radius that you can set just by zooming in or out on the map. All the prices are shown, and you can see pictures and more information on a house by tapping

The DRAW feature on the Realtor.com App

on its icon on the map. Make sure you have a passenger doing the reading; you can’t use this and drive at the same time.

2. DRAW: Draw lets you draw on a map with your finger to set the boundaries of your search.  So you can draw the areas near a lake or along a trail, near a park, or in a specific part of town.  You can draw a radius of any size around your place of work.   After drawing on the map, you can add other criteria, like the number of bedrooms you need or a certain size or age of home.   You get instant results and can dig deep into information about specific homes.

3.  AGENT COMMUNICATION:  You can chat with your agent right in the app about the houses you see.  This is an easy way to ask your agent for more information about a house, or to set up a time to see a house.  Your agent can also suggest houses to you through the app so communication can flow both ways.  If your agent is using the app, simply go to setting, and enter your agent’s email address.  If you are looking for a house in Northern Virginia, I’d love to connect to you through the app.  Just add jeff@ourfairfax.com in the agent field.

The Realtor.com app is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7.  Go to the Download Page for all the versions.


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