Upcoming Fairfax County School Changes Not Reflected in the Current Boundary Locator

Do you want to make sure you buy a house in the right school district in Fairfax County?  If schools are an important criteria for you as you are searching for homes, it is a good idea to check homes against the Boundary Locator on the FCPS website. I tell all my clients that are looking at schools to double check since mistakes can be made. But starting next school year the boundaries to several schools involved in the Annandale Study are changing and the Boundary Locator DOES NOT yet reflect those changes. The changes will not be loaded into the Boundary Locator until this school year is over. The best way to be sure what school attendance area you live in is to double check the maps provided by the County. Some agents are already adjusting for the changes in their listings, but others reflect the current boundaries. Hopefully these links will help you find the information you need.

Elementary School Map

Middle School Map

High School Map

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