Broomsticks, Hangers and Dryer Lint – Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Photo by Flickr member D'Arcy Norman

The time has come for you to move and you are getting ready to put your home on the market. What do you need to do to make as many people as possible feel at home in your house? How do you get them to want your house over the others on the market? You know you should put in new flowers and mulch. You probably know to paint those dingy rooms and put in new light fixtures. There is cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing to be done.Here is a small list of often overlooked things that are SO worth the effort. They will have big rewards.

Make it bright! Open up all the shades, blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light as you can. Leave the lights on! Make your house as bright as possible by adding brighter light bulbs. People feel happier in brighter homes and you want them to feel like your house could be their next home.

Get rid of the evidence! Do not leave the plunger in the bathroom or Drain o under the sink. Get rid of the mouse traps. Get rid of anything that makes your house look hard to care for. If you have pets, find a temporary home for them while you are on the market. Get rid of their bowls, and litter boxes. Many people will be not be able to look past the animals or their things. Cover your tracks.

Organize your pantry. This part of the house is so important to buyers. I have had buyers not consider a house because of the pantry. Your job is to make it look like your pantry is perfect. Take out half the food and organize what is there. You want them to open the door and exclaim, “Nice pantry!”

Clean out the closets. If your closets are packed full, people will assume that your house doesn’t have enough storage space. Put it all in a suitcase and take it to your mom’s, but get it out of the closet! Then organize it. People will judge how you have cared for your home by your closet. I know it isn’t fair, but it is true. If your closet is organized people will think that you are organized, the kind who is fastidious about taking care of the heating system, cooling system and other items that are important to them.

Clean your laundry room. Dust behind the dryer. Fold all the clothes and make it look great. Just like the closets, buyers will look at your laundry room and jump to conclusions about how well you care for your house.

Last but not least, put away as many personal things as you can. You do not want buyers thinking about you, you want them to be thinking about how their things will fit in the house. Where will they put sofa? Where should the table go? When they start thinking about it as their house, not yours, you will reach your goal of selling your home.

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