Reading Real Estate Listings with a Contrary Mind

Admit it, when you are looking at house listings you like to see:

  • Pictures
  • Video
  • School Info
  • Transportation Info
  • Square Footage

So good listing agents put this info in their listings.  More buyers look and the houses sell for more.  But do you want to pay more?

To save money on your next home, look for listings that:

  • Have no (or few, or poor) pictures
  • Have no video
  • Have no school info
  • Have no transportation info
  • Don’t list square footage

Spend the extra time to see more houses in person, look up the school and transportation info yourself, and find the houses that other buyers are skipping.  Nice houses with poor listings sell for less all the time.  Most buyers just never bother to look at them.

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Written by Jeff Royce of Frankly Real Estate, Inc. Fairfax, VA,  703-585-5663

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  • Matthew Ryan, Realtor

    Great post Jeff. I think that more people should spend more time visiting more houses, visiting neighborhood amenities, talking to people in the neighborhood, investigating the traffic patterns, and basically making the buyer’s agent work for the commission that they are charging. A good buyer’s agent should invest a more of their time with their clients instead of showing them a list of active homes and showing them the ones that the buyers think look nicest from the pictures.

  • Matthew…you’re right on that. This post came from an experience I had recently. I have a client getting ready to sell their house, so I’ve been seeing the houses that come on in their neighborhood for the last couple of months to compare prices and condition of houses compared to theirs.

    In early December their were two houses on the market in that neighborhood at the same price. House A had a nicely remodeled kitchen and beautiful hardwood floors. It was in excellent condition. House B had laminate flooring, and older kitchen, a small yard and was in not near the condition of House A. BUT…House B had 30 pictures in the listing, and House A only 1. House B sold last month and House A is still on the market.

    My assumption is that the people who bought House B never saw House A. This is the fault of:

    –The Buyer, for judging a house negatively on 1 picture
    –The Buyer’s Agent, for not going out to see the house with only 1 picture
    –The Listing Agent on House A, for only putting 1 picture in the listing.

    A little effort on any of their parts would have this buyer in a better house, and would have sold the house of the people that improved their house so much.

  • what every agent should do..spot on

  • Anonymous

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