House Searches for Walkers, Bikers, Boaters and Cheapskates

Finding the right house at the right price starts with finding the right homes to tour.  This is a list of searches that I’ve found useful for clients looking for houses in Northern Virginia.  Each of these is not meant to be good for everyone, but I hope you’ll find one that draws the RIGHT houses to your attention from the many houses on the market right now.   I’ll add to these as I find new ways to search.  Let me know if you see a good search I’ve missed.  Click the name of the search to see the house currently for sale in the search.

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Walkability Search.  Walkability, a search for the most walkable houses in Northern Virginia (based on scores from

Cheap Houses.  Properties that are likely under-priced.  This search identifies houses that MIGHT be under-priced.  From all the houses on the market it pulls out the houses that are listed at 75% or less of their tax assessment.  If you want to explore this further, check out my video on setting up custom cheap house searches and tweaking them to work in certain areas. Hint: the ones that are actually under-priced go VERY fast.  Get alerts for this one.

Metro Mentions.  Properties that are near the metro, and the listing agent says so.  This includes mentions of future metro stops.  Tip: Do this search and then sort by the column WS (for Walk Score) to see properties you can live in without owning a car.  It’s hard to do in Northern Virginia, but these houses will give you the best shot.

Metro Geographic:  Because so many agents do NOT mention they are near a Metro (I KNOW! But it happens about 50% of the time so we need to work around it, and just think, other buyers looking near Metros are likely to miss those where the Metro ISN”T mentioned and NOT compete with you for those properties.  You should be happy about this).  This is a post with a list of metro stations and links to a list of all the properties for sale within a mile, as the crow flies, whether Metro is mentioned or not by the listing agent.

Water-Oriented:  Homes in Northern Virginia that are near bodies of water, both large and small.  Everything from a creek in the back yard to places with docks for your yacht.

Cul-de-sac:  Houses that are on a cul-de-sac.  This is a popular request I get from home buyers, and it is searchable.

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Granite Counters:  If granite is your thing, this is the search for you.  You are likely to get newer/updated kitchens in this search.

Bikers:  If you want to be near a bike trail or in areas where you can bike, start here.  This search gives you the listings where the listing agent mentioned that the house was good for biking.

Each of these searches are for Fairfax County, Fairfax City, Falls Church City, Arlington, and Alexandria.  After click on a search, you can tweak it for different price ranges or areas.  You can also combine these searches to get, for example, granite counters near a metro station on a cul-de-sac.  If you need assistance with a particular search or want to see a house in person, email me at  Please let me know if you find another search that reveals interesting houses.  If you want future posts emailed to you, subscribe below.

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Written by Jeff Royce of Frankly Real Estate, Inc. Fairfax, VA,  703-585-5663

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