How could School Redistriciting affect Home Values in Southwest Fairfax County?

UPDATED 1/19/11

Just when everyone was thinking that Option D was going to be what the Fairfax County School Board would be considering when voting on boundary changes, LOOK AGAIN! The staff has come forward with yet another recommendation. This is the staff recommendation that will be presented to the Board tomorrow, January 20th. I did not hear about this through Keeping in Touch or the direct e-mail I get because I have attended the meetings, I got this information fresh from the bus stop! So here it is, the latest suggestions from the staff to the Board.

Staff Recommendation to Fairfax County School Board on 1/20/11

Map of Staff Recommendation

The staff is recommending that Clifton Elementary be closed at the end of this school year and the students be sent to Fairview, Oak View and Union Mill beginning in Fall 2011. Changes to boundaries for Bonnie Brae, Brookfield, Bull Run, Clifton, Cub Run, Deer Park, Eagle View, Fairview,Fairfax Villa, Greenbriar East, Greenbriar West, London Towne, Oak View, Poplar Tree, Providence, Virginia Run, and Willow Springs Elementary Schools would also take place in Phase 1.

Building additions at Greenbriar East, Union Mill and Fairfax Villa would be ready by the following year as well as interior modifications at Fairfax Villa and modular units at Centreville. Phase 2 adjustments to the Boaundaries would take place at Centreville, Centre Ridge, Colin Powell, Eagle View, Fairfax Villa, Greenbriar East, and Union Mill.

There is a lot of detail to be absorbed. Community Feedback meetings are scheduled for February 7 and 8 at Jackson Middle School. The FCPS Board is scheduled to vote on the Southwestern Boundary changes at its February 24th meeting.

UPDATED 11/24/10

School Boundary Changes Option D

Fairfax County Boundary Changes Option D

The School Board announced yesterday a new option, called Option D, for redistricting elementary schools in the southwest part of Fairfax County. This plan has 5 schools getting building additions. Fairview, Fairfax Villa, Greenbriar East and Union Mill will get a brick and mortar additions. Centreville will be adding 8 modular units. The effect is simple, by adding onto more schools than in the other 3 options, they are shifting fewer students. This plan has 1,440 kids attending different schools.

As part of Option D, there is also a time table for implementation that begins in the 2011-2012 school year. Not all changes would be made right away, but a timeline has been released so that all changes would be made by 2015. Chart of School Population and Demographic Changes The proposal has children remaining in the current Jr. High and High school assignments, which would keep the kids from Clifton elementary at Robinson Secondary. This would mean that Union Mill and Sangster would feed to 2 different high schools. Also those kids moving from Greenbriar East to Greenbriar West would continue to attend Fairfax High School. Option D also suggests grandfathering all 6th graders.

The School Board will vote on the issue on February 24. This option is so detailed. It includes a timeline for implementation, cost of additions which have already been drawn by an architect , and exact numbers of how many kids move to and from each school for each phase. They have done their work in such detail that I think Option D (map) is what we should expect will be approved by the School Board in February.

Original Post

In July 2010 the Fairfax County School Board voted to close Clifton Elementary School. In order to place those students at different schools and to address the overcrowding area in the southwest part of the county, the Board initiated the Southwestern Regional Study. The study has come up with 3 different scenarios that include boundary changes to the following elementary schools: Bonnie Brae, Brookfield, Bull Run, Centre Ridge, Centreville, Clifton, Cub Run, Deer Park, Eagle View, Fairfax Villa, Fairview, Greenbriar East, Greenbriar West, Laurel Ridge, London Towne, Oak View, Poplar Tree, Powell, Providence, Sangster, Union Mill, Virginia Run, Willow Springs.

Boundary Map Option C

Option C of Southwest Boundary Study

Some of these schools would be loosing students and some of them would be gaining students. Scenario A has 2,550 students affected with no new additions to existing schools while Scenario C has 1,500 children moving and 3 schools additions. Option B is in the middle of them. Option AOption BOption C If you are considering purchasing a home in these elementary school districts, you should familiarize yourself with the options the School Board is considering. The Board decision is expected in February.

Not only is the Fairfax County School Board looking at elementary schools, but they are also considering changes at the high school level. Annandale High School is overcrowded by 600 students and they are looking to change the boundries of neighboring schools to bring enrollment down. Schools involved in this study are Annandale, Falls Church, Stuart, Edison, Lee, West Springfield, Lake Braddock and Woodson. The committee is expected to make a recommendations to the School Board in February.  You can find information about the study of the Fairfax County school website, Annandale Regional Planning Study.

The Board is also discussing changes to Robinson High School. With Clifton Elementary School closing and the kids from that school going to 3 different elementary schools in all three options under consideration, the Board is thinking through how these changes affect the secondary level. Currently all of the children going to Clifton Elementary go to Robinson. The Board is deciding if the children who, under the new boundaries, will go to Sangster Elementary should attend Lake Braddock and the children who are moving to Union Mill should feed into Centreville High School. These changes would have them attending the same school as the other kids in their new schools. This, too, should be decided in February.

The School Board should have a very interesting February meeting. So until February, if you are considering purchasing a home, look at the school maps carefully. Make sure you are comfortable with all the options and how that will affect the value of the home you are considering purchasing.

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  • Julie Lawrence

    This is good advice to look at all of maps/options carefully if you are in the market to buy a home right now. Many buyers make decisions to buy based on school boundaries. On a different note: I noticed Appendix “A” has been modified to maintain the “status quo” at Sangster. It looks as though some of the other maps had this school receiving Clifton students.

  • Thanks for you comment Julie; I saw the same thing on Sangster. The earlier recommendations had Sangster taking a lot of the students that were leaving the closing Clifton Elementary. The staff recommendation has them taking none of them, leaving Sangster unchanged from their current make up, which is interesting because Sangster is roughly 100 students under capacity.

    The FCPS staff recommendation has those students going to Fairview and Oak View instead. Fairview will have the construction of four new classrooms in the process. Oak View will be over capacity in their scenario by about 17 students.

  • I think the parents in Clifton would be happy to have their children attending a school that feeds into Robinson since the School Board has said that Clifton kids will remain at Robinson. I think this change is better for the kids. I also noticed they are recommending the creation of an attendance island for Willow Springs.