Frankly, It’s Time for a Change

I’ve decided to join Frankly Real Estate.  Let me tell you why:

1. Frankly Real Estate, Inc. is on the cutting edge of technology. In fact, I had started sending some of my clients to the FranklyMLS web site to search for homes long before I considered switching companies.  I think it is simply the best site out there for locating a home because it includes so much information that is just not available anywhere else.  For example the price history of each house, comments from other buyers and buyer’s agents allowed on each listing, google street view right on the listings, and the ability to parce the data using a spreadsheet.

2.  The company has a simple effective philosophy.  Give clients, and the public access to the information and tools they need to navigate the real estate jungle and your business will thrive.  I’ve seen the results of that philosophy in the last week since changing companies.  Clients that I’ve met have been excited to work with a company like that.  Frankly clients are extremely well informed about the market, short sales, negotiating techniques, and various pitfalls in the home-buying process through the excellent Frankly Real Estate Blog.  I expected that to be true, but I’ve been impressed by the extent of it.

3. The broker/owner at Frankly Real Estate is Frank LLosa.  He is the most innovative real estate person I have met in my 14 years in this business.  I have known Frank for about a year, and our relationship has been one of exchanging ideas.  My real estate practice has grown in quality in the past year, and much of that has been from ideas Frank has given me such as the FranklyCRA and the very ethical practice of negotiating commissions with buyers upfront.  He is also constantly asking for and listening to other people’s ideas.  There is no complacency here.

4.  Excellence Comes Standard.  This is on the company logo, but it’s also lived out.  One time, Frank gave me some ideas on how to take better pictures of houses I was listing.  So I tried his ideas out and thought I had taken by far the best pictures I had ever taken.  I sent them over to Frank to see what he thought.  He pointed out in one room that I had left a lamp off.  and in another the light on the fan was not on.  I pointed out that overall they were really good pictures.  He thought I should retake those rooms, because….Excellence Comes Standard(this is a good link!).  That was the first day I went over being part of this company in my head.  There is nothing better than working in an atmosphere where our best is expected every day.  That is the kind of place I want to be.

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Written by Jeff Royce of Frankly Real Estate, Inc., 703-585-5663

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  • Hey, Jeff. Congratulations on your move! I don’t think you could’ve made a better choice. Frank DM’d me as well one day. He said, your photos are good, but they could be better! Now, I’m armed with a Kodak V705 and I’m dangerous!

  • Jeff Royce

    Thanks Natalie….I have the sister camera to that (the v570). What a difference that makes in picture quality for the interior of homes!

  • Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the post.

    Glad to have you join us!

    Broker FranklyRealty.com
    Owner FranklyMLS.com

  • Andrea V.

    I can’t even remember who you worked for last week but I love that Frankly website. This is the new way that people look at homes! Just like the switch to reusable grocery bags, non-fat lattes, and blue M & M’s. Our generation is MOVING ON to better things.

  • Mike Lefebvre – The Uncommon Agent

    Congratulations! You’ve made a fantastic decision. I have never met Frank in person, but he has helped me in ways you wouldn’t believe on the photography end of my real estate business. From teaching me how to get a Kodak v705 for about $100, to showing me how to use it to its fullest potential through his video instructions, to just yesterday literally saving my a$$ by telling me how to retrieve images stored on internal memory without the need for a USB cable. This guys knows his stuff, and I have the utmost respect for the level of professionalism he brings to his entire company.

    If I was in the area, I would no doubt be right there along side with you! Good luck with everything on the new move and Happy Thanksgiving!

    All My Best,

  • Jeff,
    Congratulations! Looks like an excellent choice. Looking forward to more of you tips. Nice job on the videos.