Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update

The housing rate in Northern Virginia (defined as Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Fairfax City, and Falls Church City) sold at a rate of 19.5% in September.  This number is down slightly from the previous month, but almost double the 10.5% rate from September of 2007.

The statistics continue to show an improving market.  The real test for this market will come next month when the statistics for October are released.  How is the market handling all of the turmoil in the global financial markets?  We will find out next month.

Below is a spreadsheet showing the number of homes that sold each month along with the number of homes on the market in that month along with the percentage of homes that sold over the last several years.

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  • Randy Warner

    This continues to be encouraging. The market seems to be showing some pretty good volume. I hope it maintains or even gets better by April when we get ready to sell.