The Future of Tysons Corner (& Fairfax County)

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a plan developed by the Tysons Land Use task force for the future development of Tysons Corner.  The plan is a vision of what Tysons Corner can become over the next 40 years.  A centerpiece of the plan is dividing Tysons into 8 distinct districts or neighborhoods that will make up the “city” of Tysons Corner.  The goal is to transform Tysons from the spread out “suburban” area it is today into an urban area where people can work, live, and shop.  This plan looks ahead to the Metro system being extended through Tysons Corner.  Below is the task force’s map of the neighborhoods they would like to see built:

Tysons Corner Neighborhood Districts

The next step in the process is to send the recommendations of the task force to the Fairfax County Planning Commission who will lay out the specific zoning and regulations required to implement the plan.  The Board of Supervisors will then need to approved those specific changes to the zoning laws of the county.

One issue not addressed in this plan is the nature of the Metro extension that is planned for Tysons.  There has been a long debate on whether the rail should be underground or elevated.  Most seem to prefer it to be underground, but that is the more expensive option.  The issue will likely be decided by the funding made available at the Federal and local levels.

The task force used future economic and demographic estimates provided by George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis in developing their recommendations.  The report shows incredible growth in people, jobs, and the economy in Northern Virginia, Fairfax, and Tysons Corner over the next 40 years.  According to forecasts in the report, the population of Fairfax County is expected to increase from 1.03 to 1.56 million people from 2010 to 2050.  Over the same time period, jobs in the Fairfax County are expected to increase from 680,000 to 1,280,000.  These increases represent a great opportunity for businesses and property owners in Fairfax County, but also great challenges for our education and transportation systems.

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