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Teri Lussier, author of The Brick Ranch in Dayton, OH pointed her finger at me in her meme.  That means I get to write a post all about me & me.  Read the rules at the bottom of this post if you don’t know what a meme is.  So here are six random things about me that you might not know:

Jeff Royce1.  I really like baseball.  The most depressing day of the year for me is the day after the World Series ends.  That is the start of the off season; I often cancel my subscription to the Washington Post on that day.  I play on a men’s softball team every fall.  I coach my son’s little league teams.  I go to a lot of Washington Nationals games.  My favorite book that I’ve read is the “Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract,” which will teach you more about life than a whole stack of self-help books.  

2.  My favorite household job is mowing the lawn.  I don’t like other people to mow my lawn.  My kids may get to mow it someday if they earn the privilege.  I loved mowing my parent’s lawn when I was a kid.  When I was 14 I started “Neighborhood Mowing Service” with my friend Eric.  We mowed lawns together for many years.  I love that you have time to think about things, and make your yard beautiful at the same time.  Most of my original thoughts occur while I mow the lawn.

Log Cabin3.  I take my family to a “real” log cabin in Canada for a couple of weeks every summer.  I get to hang out with my family with very few distractions during this time.  The TV only gets one station, and it’s fuzzy.  We spend hours trying to figure out where fish are hiding in the lake.  We fix things we normally would call a repairman to fix, but here there is nobody to call.  We have only an outhouse for a bathroom and our hands to wash dishes.  We only eat the food we bring with us and cook ourselves.  Heat comes from making fires.  We love these couple of weeks every year.  It makes me wonder why the other 50 weeks of the year all the other “things” of life are so important to us.  I love that while we are here I work side by side with my wife and kids on projects we will get to see for years to come, that my little girls know how to take a hook out of a fish’s mouth, and that we forget to look at a clock until we get hungry.

4.  Politics used to be important to me.  I moved to the DC area to get involved in politics.  I got a job working in a Congressman’s office on Capitol Hill.  That lasted about a year.  My impression was there are some good people working there, and some people who are trying to use our political system for thier own purposes.  I decided I was making very little impact on our country, and really not helping anybody accomplish anything of value.  I quit and started helping people buy and sell their homes in 1994.  As a real estate agent, I know I’m not making a huge impact on the country as a whole, but I can make a huge impact on the lives of my clients.  I love it.

Jeff in Istanbul5.  About three years ago I traveled to Turkey with the pastor of my church, Vic Ransom.  We arrived in Istanbul having missed a nights sleep and a bit off.  An American we were introduced to through a mutual friend told us that going to a Turkish bath would cure us of our woes.  So the three of us are in a large marble room with fountains and hot slabs of stone.  Vic and I were a little unsure of exactly what to do and felt a little awkward.  When a worker walked in our friend started talking to him in Turkish, apparently placing an order.  Soon these two big burly guys walk in to “bathe” Vic and I.  I wonder if the look on my face was as frightful as the one on Vic’s.  These guys beat us to a pulp as they dumped water over us and literally pounded the soap into us.  Watching Vic go through it made it all worthwhile; unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me.  I would love to go to a Turkish Bath again, but I’m not sure I would place the order for the “washers” again.  Great memories though.

6.  My wife never makes me a birthday cake.  I like pie better.

Now….to pass on the love.  I’m going outside of the RE.net for some of these–trying to infect other areas too.  If your name is below, you’re it:

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  • Jeff-

    Really nice job.

    I never minded mowing the lawn either- I found it to be a great time to think, work out some things, it’s really conducive to planning.

    Thanks for being a good sport. 🙂