Interview on Web 2.0 Connections

I was interviewed along with Bob Carney of Long & Foster for the Solutions are Power Blog of Network Solutions this week.  They wanted to know how we used Web 2.0 in our Real Estate Businesses.  You can read the interview here.

The short answer is that I use the web to connect with people and share information.  The interview list some sites where I do that, but I want to add links here where you can directly connect with me or see what I have been up to on various sites:

Twitter–for general conversation

Facebook–mainly to connect with friends

Flickr–for photos of life and neighborhoods in Northern Virginia

LinkedIn–for Business Connections

Zillow–for sharing info on houses and neighborhoods

Trulia–for asking and answereing Real Estate questions

Picasa –here you can see pictures of most of the houses I’ve seen recently

If you are part of one of these networks or want to be, feel free to add me to your friends or contacts.  If you use different sites to connect with people, I’d love to hear which ones and how you use them in the comments.

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