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Real Estate Tax Rates in Northern Virginia

What do various counties and cities charge for property taxes on homes in Northern Virginia?

The following figures are per $100 of assessed value in the tax year 2008:

Arlington County:  81.8¢
Alexandria City:  84.5¢
Fairfax County:  92¢
Falls Church City:  $1.03
Fairfax City:  79¢
Loudon County: $1.14
Prince William County:  97¢

Most of the rates I have listed above are “base rates.”  Most counties and cities in Northern Virginia have special tax districts that will raise the tax rate in certain areas for a certain purpose.  These tend to be a fairly small, but important for individual home owners.  If you are planning on buying a home, check out the website of the county or city in which you plan to purchase to see if you will be in a special tax district.  Also, if you own a home in a town, there will be a town tax levied on top of the tax the county charges.

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