Farr House

Farr HouseI came across this profile of the Farr House today from a local wedding planner.  There are some good interior photos of the house and information on how much it costs to rent.  It is owned and operated by the Farrcroft Homeowners Association and you can find information about the house and how to rent it through the association.

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  • This is a very nice venue, we have played music for private events there and the rooms are small enough to be intimate and large enough for a decent party. A user friendly place.

  • Ivy

    Beautiful site for a wedding reception…worked out well for our group of approx. 125. Think this was about the max, but interior and exterior was utilized for seating. But we had to have a tent erected for dancing and pre-reception..no room inside house with sit-down dinner set-up. Very intimate, charming and historic atmosphere, including a grand staircase! Our wedding coordinator located this site for us…piano in the conservatory is a plus! My brother-in-law serenaded me and my husband as a surprise. Just lovely!