Sales Statistics

This is my first post on this blog related to sales statistics for houses in Fairfax City.  I intend to give an update around the 10th day of each month on the sales from the previous month.  I will always include the data for months going back about two years for comparison sake.  It is hard to tell if a month was good or bad based on the numbes alone.  It always helps to compare a month to what has come before.

As you can see below, December was clearly a slow month for real estate sales in Fairfax City when you compare it to earlier months of 2007 or when you compare it to the previous two Decembers.  Any way you slice it, it was slow.  This spreadsheet will remain in this post as it is updated in future months, and I’ll also make a new post each month.  The % of homes sold statistic is supposed to give you a quick look at what the market was like in a given month so that you can understand the current state of the market each month.  You can also see the actual list of closed homes for the past two years.  If you have any comments or questions please feel free to use the comments section below.  Here are the numbers:

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