Neighborhood Profile: Warren Woods (City of Fairfax, Virginia)

The Warren Woods neighborhood is in the Southwest corner of Fairfax City.  It is sandwiched between Joyce Heights and Westmore in the city, and Fairfax Villa, which is a neighborhood in Fairfax County.  It is made up of 153 homes that were built in the mid 1950s.  They are principally brick and block construction with a touch of siding on some of the models.  The lots are generally between a quarter and a third of an acre.

Elementary School:  Providence:  Profile, Website, Boundary Map

Middle School:  Lanier:  Profile, Website, Boundary Map

High School:  Fairfax:  Profile, Website, Boundary Map

Home Sales:  In the last year 4 homes have sold in Warren Woods.  The prices ranged from $475,500 and $549,900 and took an average of 34 days to sell.  These numbers, while accurate, are misleading in regards to the current state of the market in Warren Woods.  The home that sold for $549,900 was not on the market, but only entered as a comparable.  And current homes for sale are priced significantly lower than these homes that sold in the last year.

Click here to see the homes currently for sale in Warren Woods.

Chuck and Louise Schachte, residents of Warren Woods, were kind enough to sit down with me at their kitchen table and answer a few questions about Warren Woods.  Here is what they had to say:

What do you like best about living in your neighborhood?

We like it for the convenience of everything.  This is a suburban area with urban amenities.  We don’t have an drainage issues.  The city maintains the area well.  The homes in Warren Woods were built well and they are very adaptable to change, so you can modernize the homes easily.  It is a small, intimate, subdivision.  Neighbors know each other well and look out for one another.  We like the school system and there is excellent transportation for the schools.

Is there anything about your neighborhood that would keep you from recommending it to a friend?


What places or activities bring people together in your neighborhood?

There are no parks in the neighborhood, but there are some nearby.  School and church activities are very convenient.

Is there anything else somebody interested in buying a home in your neighborhood should know?

We love the snow removal, leaf removal and trash removal provided by the city.  The courtesy that is extended by the trash service is wonderful.  If you are not able to take out your trash, they will go into your back yard and get your trash can for you and return it to where it belongs.  We also like the size of the yards.  There is plenty of room in the yards for extending the houses or using for recreation.  There is a lot of nature (animals and birds) in the neighborhood.  You are in walking distance of the courthouse and the business and shopping area of Fairfax City.  We also just got Verizon FIOS in the neighborhood.

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