Neighborhood Profile: Old Lee Hills (City of Fairfax, Virginia)

Old Lee Hills in Fairfax, VirginiaOld Lee Hills is a neighborhood in the middle of Fairfax City. It is made up of several subdivisions including: Old Post Estates, Heritage Manor, Greenway Hills, Fairmont Estates, Amans Fairmont Estates, and a couple of other very small subdivisions.

Old Lee Hills is made up of 255 detached homes generally built in the 50s and 60s. Lots in Old Lee Hills are around 1/4 to 1/3 of an acre. The neighborhood is bordered by Old Lee Highway to the northeast and Daniels Run Park to the southwest.

Elementary School: Daniels Run Elementary School: Profile, Website, Boundary Map

Middle School: Lanier Middle School: Profile, Website, Boundary Map

High School: Fairfax High School: Profile, Website, Boundary Map

Home Sales: In the last year 15 homes in Old Lee Hills sold between $415,000 and $685,000 and took an average of 91 days to sell. Click here to see houses currently listed for sale in Old Lee Hills.

Jim and Donna Shell, residents of Old Lee Hills, were kind enough to answer some questions about their neighborhood to give you an inside perspective. Here is what they had to say:

What do you like best about living in your neighborhood?

Entrance to Daniel\'s Run ParkWalking down the street to the nearby park where we take walks down the wooded trails to explore the creek and see deer. Walking up the street to the high school to see the city fireworks display in July and football games in the Fall. Walking to the corner to catch the bus/metro to anywhere. Walking to the neighborhood swimming pool in the summer. We also love our own home and yard.

Is there anything about your neighborhood that would keep you from recommending it to a friend?

No! I want all our friends to come live here near us!

What places or activities bring people together in your neighborhood?

The fire engines leading the costume parade bring out quite a crowd around Halloween. The kids love the Easter egg hunt and activities. A professional chef lives in the neighborhood and plans a gourmet dinner for everyone in the neighborhood once a year (held at the town hall). There is an annual yard sale day. Around Christmas time, families can set an appointment for a visit from Santa (he will knock at the door…no chimneys.)

Is there anything else somebody interested in buying a home in your neighborhood should know?

We appreciate the perks of being within the city limits such as free trash removal (they take ANYTHING you can set out on the curb), not having to bag leaves in the Fall (a city “vacuum” truck comes and gets them from the curb), and lower taxes.

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  • I grew up in Old Lee Hills, lived there for my entire childhood and adolescence. I have fond memories of being able to walk or bike to all kinds of kid stuff: Daniel’s Run Elementary, Country Club Hills (CCH) pool, Daniel’s Run Park, Fairfax High School, Van Dyke Park and on and on. CCH pool has recently undergone a major renovation, and more renovations are in the works. Daniels Run Elementary has also recently been upgraded, and there are new things going up at Van Dyke Park, as reported here on OurFairfax.com. As my mom and brother still live in the neighborhood, so I was up there during Christmas and Thanksgiving. I noticed on an afternoon run that a new playground is being built in Daniels Run Park. From this neighborhood you can also quickly access the Vienna Metro Station, Metrobus, Army Navy Country Club, and a bunch of restaurants (some, like Artie’s, within walking distance). The only negative I can think of is the traffic when Fairfax High is just about to start classes, or right after dismissal. All in all, a wonderful neighborhood and a great place to raise a family: Take it from someone who experienced it first hand.