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Buying a House near the VRE in Virginia

Many commuters use the Virginia Railway Express to get to work everyday. It is especially useful for those who work on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, Crystal City in Arlington or near Old Town Alexandria. But it’s often difficult to find houses for sale near VRE stations because of the number of listings that don’t […]

Fairfax Boundary Study and the Housing Market

The Fairfax County School Board is once again looking at the High School boundaries in an effort to alleviate the overcrowding at Fairfax High School.  Fairfax High School is a Fairfax City school. The building is owned by Fairfax City and they hire Fairfax County to administer the school. Because of this, all Fairfax City […]

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Buying a House in a Tight Market

The word has finally gotten out that we are in a tight market. There are not enough houses on the market for all of the people who would like to buy a house. Of the 712 houses that closed in Fairfax County in January, 221 of them (31% )were on the market 10 days or […]

How to Connect with us to buy or sell a House

When you are interested in buying or selling a house, we’d love to connect with you. Here is how you can do that, and what to expect when you do. Home Buyers: Coffee Shop Meeting:  We often have an initial meeting with potential clients in a coffee shop that is near the area they want […]

An Investment Idea: The Coming Silver Line Metro

If you are looking to invest in Northern Virginia Real Estate, where should you invest?  You should find a place that will rise faster in price than the market as a whole.  This normally means you need to find a place where some good news is going to hit, that is not already priced into […]

A Very Useful Mobile App from Realtor.com

Are you looking for a good home search tool to take on the road with you? Everybody likes to drive around neighborhoods to get a feel for what’s on the market when they are looking for a new home. The new app from Realtor.com is the perfect tool to take with you on those drives. […]

Should you take your Agent’s Recommendations for Lenders, Home Inspectors, and Title Companies?

Most home buyers automatically take their agent’s recommendations on service providers in a real estate transaction.  They do this for good reason:  they hired this agent because they have experience and expertise in buying real estate.  On a lot of levels, it makes sense to follow the advice of your agent when buying a house.  The question […]

Buying a House through Skype

The temptation to buy a house sight-unseen through Skype is strong these days for people who live far from where they want to buy a house.  You can save the time and money involved in traveling to see a house before you purchase it.   You can avoid taking wasted trips for houses you don’t […]

Should I Buy this Flipped House?

You know it when you see it; a house that has been flipped.  A house that was purchased cheaply, completely remodeled and is back on the market.  Of course when you see it, it looks great.  It has nice stainless steel appliances, new cabinets and remodeled bathrooms. How do you tell if it is a […]

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